Overuse Injuries

Specialization in sports is common at all levels of participation.  Unfortunately, it can often lead to injuries due to chronic repetitive motions.  Many of these types of injuries are well understood and can be avoided.  Understanding these injuries and what they look like in their early stages can prevent serious injuries and the loss of playing time.


Sport Specific Injuries

Each sport carries with it increased risk of a particular set of injuries.  For instance, soccer players have increased risk of ankle sprains whereas baseball pitchers have an increased risk of shoulder and elbow problems.  Understanding these specific risks helps to diagnose and care for athletes. 


Injuries in the skeletally immature

Injuries are a risk when participating in sports.  This is certainly the case in growing young athletes who have not reached skeletal maturity.  Injuries in this group of athletes carry with them the added concern of long term issues that might prevent sports or recreational activities in the future.